Blue Faced Leicester Sheep
Bluefaced leicester sheep  Lambs
Blue Faced leicester sheep
blue faced leicester sheep
bluefaced leicester sheep
bluefaced leicester sheep
bluefaced leicester sheep
bluefaced leicester sheep
blue faced leicester sheep
Blue faced leicester sheep
Needle Felting
Bluefaced leicester sheep

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Southern Oregon's

Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeder





We keep 3 unrelated Rams and two up and comers for our breeding program

Livestock Guardians

The BEST non lethal way to protect your flock from predators

BFL Wool

We shear twice a year and  almost always have fleeces available for you to purchase for the handspinner or crafter.

We keep a base flock of 12 breeding age ewes and 2 up and comers
Oregon Right To Farm

Read about your right to farm in the state of Oregon.  

BFL Lambs

Because our flock is small make your reservation early for lambs to build your flock

Felting Classes

A few times a year I offer felting classes. Watch for them on the event page.

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The Sheep Shoppe! Bluefaced

Leicester Locks, Yarn, Crafts

Needlefelting Supplies, Wool

Christmas Crafts


Felting classes, fleece and fiber not 

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We are a Farm, We are always 

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About Liongate Farm llc.

   We  moved early this year (2020) to become caretakers of a ranch in Eagle Point, Oregon. It is an amazing place to be.  The sheep have more graze and we are more centrally located for the wool business.  


      Our mission is still the same. Provide a high quality sheep and wool product, while maintaining the genetic diversity of our rare breed bluefaced leicester flock.  We plan to expand and add a traditional mule sheep meat program as soon as we are fully settled in our new location. (moving a full time farm operation and getting it all settled in is a big job!)   Our wool products are expanding and our shop is fully stocked with needlefelting supplies.  There are plans for more classes-as soon as we can actually host.

     We still have predators,so we still have livestock guardian dogs to protect our flock.. We have coyotes, cougar and the occasional wolf has been spotted in the neighborhood.  

     We still love farm visits! If you need a sheep fix, or  need a felting class or supplies call us, arrange a tour and visit the wool shop.

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