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Reverse  Felting Needles

Felting needles are barbed needles that can be used to interlock wool fibers. As the needle is moved up and down, the barbs catch the scales of the wool and entangle them, creating felt.   These needles work a little different than a standard compacting needle


This pack of Two Speciality felting needles consists of One 38 Reverse Barb Needle and One 40 reverse Barb Needle  .  The 38-gauge triangular needle is three-sided and leaves a smaller hole in the felted surface. The Triangular 40 sized  It felts more slowly than the smaller -gauge triangle needle, producing finer detail.


yes the needles say 5.00-shipping isn't really free!


 EXCEPT these needles being reverse barb are for PULLING THE FIBER OUT OF YOUR FELTED PROJECT  Use for creating a fluffy effect as on an animal or a beard on a person,  If you lay down one color and then another and then use the reverse it will pull that bottom color out blending the two.


These are fun needles!!!


check out the other felting supplies...I have packs of multi size triangular. 38 star (my fav) and spiral Needles as well as felting foam in two sizes and a ton of colors of hand dyed locks (from my sheep) for felting!!

Reverse Felting Needles, 38 and 40 Gauge, Felting Needles Reverse Size 38, Felti

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