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A needle felters dream

In my journey of needlefelting the one thing that became clear is that no one offered just small amounts of dyed fiber. Sometimes you just need a small bit. So I started my quarter ounce balls for a buck. That way you can get so many colors for your projects and not break the bank.

At first I offered my hand dyed fiber but that is not reproduceable because I am a mad scientist when it comes to dyeing fiber and write nothing down so I found a commercial source so that if one needs more I can order more!


From the Dhg website

A blend of New Zealand carded wools (about 27 microns).

"Maori" is a blend of carded wools from New Zealand. When we started creating this item back in 2007, we wanted a wool that was perfect for needle felting with a nice natural colour, that would allow us to create bright colours as well as soft pastel nuances. After numerous tests we came up with this blend that is now one of our iconic products, loved by both beginners and the more experienced. We couldn’t have chosen a more iconic name: Maori. A small tribute to a great nation and to the homeland of these wools!

These wools are carefully selected to ensure constant quality over time. All lots are MULESING FREE. The dyeing complies with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is done in our dyeinghouse which is GOTS 5.0 and GRS certified.

*** These wools are washed before carding. Yet vegetal matters cannot be completely removed.

This blend is perfect for both needle and wet felting and spinning.


for your budget it is best to order at least an ounce of colors for shipping cost to make sense (so 4 balls of different colors)

make sure you check out all my colors!

DHG Maori and Bergschaf Felting Wool