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A needle felters dream

In my journey of needlefelting the one thing that became clear is that no one offered just small amounts of dyed fiber. Sometimes you just need a small bit. So I started my quarter ounce balls for a buck. That way you can get so many colors for your projects and not break the bank.

At first I offered my hand dyed fiber but that is not reproduceable because I am a mad scientist when it comes to dyeing fiber and write nothing down so I found a commercial source so that if one needs more I can order more!

I love corriedale wool for felting it gives such a nice finish to your work.  This is sliver not combed top (unless I specify that it is) so the fibers are not perfectly aligned which makes it perfect for needle or wet felting. I hope you find some colors you like.


for your budget it is best to order at least an ounce of colors for shipping cost to make sense (so 4 balls of different colors)

make sure you check out all my colors!

carded corriedale sliver

Fiber: Corriedale
Microns: 29-30 Microns
Fiber Length: 80-120mm

(all measurement are approximate)

Corriedale Felting wool Greys