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Rogue River, Oregon

Karen Szewc and Jon Updegraff


We are nestled in the mountains of southern Oregon 13 miles from the nearest city, in an agricultural district, on a year round creek, surrounded by beautiful forests and farms. We maintain a small flock of Blue Faced Leicester and Churro sheep for breeding stock, fiber products and meat. We also have a small flock of guinea hens for insect control and a mini donkey named Fiona. We keep a couple of chickens around to produce farm fresh eggs for our family. Because we are situated near the forest and in a wildlife corridor on the creek we use Tibetan Mastiff's to protect our flock from the native (and not so native) predator's that lurk in the "neighboring" forest. And of course we have the prerequisite barn cats for rodent control. Some day our 20 year plan will be complete and the whole property will be efficiently, naturally self sufficient (our goal). We are very passionate about our place and everything that we grow here.(Karen has a spectacular garden every year that produces beautiful flowers and veggies.) We take extra steps to insure a healthy environment and that our place in this world is cared for in the best way possible. Click on the links below to enjoy a visit around our farm and learn about what we do! We welcome pre-arranged visits to learn about and meet all of our animals and to purchase our products.


Bluefaced Leicester Sheep, Lambs, Fleece and Yarn

Livestock Guardian Dogs: Tibetan Mastiff's

Liongate Designs: Custom Embroidery and Crafts

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