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4 ounce balls of our own fiber.  Hand sheared by me, I send out the wool to be processed into roving for spinning, felting, or whatever fiber craft you have in mind.  Although I have special hay feeders and skirt heavily keep in mind this is farm raised from uncoated sheep you will find part of my pasture or vm in this product because sheep are sheep  and they do live outside!   If you can deal with that it is fabulouse wonderful wool to work with.


  Note on shipping. I have the shipping set for a 6 x 6 x 6 sized flat rate box.  If the shipping is less I WILL refund the difference!  Shipping rates are crazy. I ship priority mail for 2 reasons-one you get it fast and two we have tracking if it ends up in timbuckto

Bluefaced Leicester Roving 4 ounce balls

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