Liongate's Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Natural Way to Protect your Farm from Predator's

   (warning some of these pictures are graphic)












Here at Liongate Farm llc. we have a predator problem.  The cougar population in Southern Oregon has outgrown its space.   We have the largest concentration of big cats on the west coast.   As territory becomes an issue these beautiful cats become lazy and eat livestock.  We use Livestock Guardians to keep our Bluefaced leicester sheep safe.   Since we have moved our predator load has changed. We  are still learning what could eat sheep in this new location.  Coyotes seem to be the predator of choice and I understand that the occasional wolf has been seen wandering about here. We are now in a far more agricultural district where predators are understood and dealt with to protect the livestock. (there are lots of lgds in the neighborhood) 


We no longer breed Tibetan Mastiff's  even though they are the perfect answer to this overpopulation problem. They are the right mix of intelligence and independence to keep our flock safe.  We have moved to using  Maremma's on our farm...a white LGD.   We  like to run at least two  per zone (usually 3 if we have one training)  


For those of you who have taken the time to get to know us and understand our goals with our rare breed sheep, you know that we use our dogs to protect our farm business.   They are our main employees.  And you know we do this with prudence and attention to detail.  Our dogs are an investment that we have made purely with the intent to protect our stock from death and to preserve the best breed of sheep!


If you have sheep or goats it is an investment worth its weight in gold...dollars did you know it costs $1368.00 to replace a sheep that was killed by a cougar and raise it to breeding age?   When a sheep is killed you lose its fleeces, its meat and its unborn offspring.  It has a long lasting affect on genetics.   Not to mention that my sheep are my children.  They all have names, individual personalities and each one holds a special place in my heart .

We have 4 working dogs.  3 Adults and one in training.  One of our guardians is 13 and we know that we will soon need to replace her.  Hence one in training so far.

 That  Maremma is just over one and just learning the ropes.  It is important to make sure that your oldsters bring up the youngsters-so they can teach them the ropes. We breed a litter when we need replacement dogs.   This slide show will let you get to know our security team

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